Lesson 7: Getting In Touch With Your Feelings

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Dear creators, in our last lesson we talked about how guidance comes through your feelings and your inspiration. Many of you say, “Oh, I don’t know how to feel.” And dear creators, dear friends, we tell you that you do.

Take a moment right now and pinch yourself. Go ahead, just pinch yourself.

Did you feel that? If you did, then you know how to feel.

The problem is that you’ve done your best to hide from your feelings for many, many lifetimes. They’re still there, but your mind has tried to hide them from you, and your mind has tried to distract you from them with things like emotions. For you see, emotions are not true feelings. Emotions are in fact mental reactions to feelings.

If we were to slap you on the face and then ask you how you feel, what would your response be? Most likely it would be something like, “I feel angry,” or “I feel hurt,” or shocked, or surprised. But that’s only partly true, dear friends.

A feeling is an experience, is a sensation in your body. If someone slaps you on the face you have an experience of the flesh being crushed and your bones being jarred. Then your mind takes that experience and says, “Oh, the last time that happened someone was trying to hurt me.” And so your mind floods your body with adrenaline and other chemicals that are designed to help you protect yourself.

Then your mind says, “I must get angry. I must prepare for battle, because I am in danger. And so it generates an imitation feeling that you call anger, but all it really is is the sensation, or the experience, of those chemicals that your mind released into your body based upon its interpretation of the actual experience of being slapped.

The same thing could be said of every other emotion. If someone dies you feel grief, but if you look deeper dear friends, you’ll see that that’s just the emotion to a different experience. You feel the experience of the loss of that person’s energy in your life. Or more accurately, you feel the experience of the loss of your perception of that person in your life, because their energy is still present. They didn’t really die, and in fact they are often more accessible to you after they pass on than they were before.

But you perceive from your human point of view that they are gone, and your mind says, “Oh, I am going to miss them!” and it floods your body with the chemicals of sadness and grief. And then you feel depressed, and that sadness and grief starts a feedback loop. As you feel more depressed your mind releases more of those chemicals and you feel even more depressed, and if this feedback loop doesn’t get interrupted at some point, in some way,  you can die if your own grief.

So dear friends, we bring this up because getting back in touch with your real feelings, with the experience of being alive, is so important right now. It’s so important to reclaiming your creatorship.

The truth is that feeling is very simple. It’s just about having the experience of being alive. It’s about having the experience being slapped or pinched, or of releasing that person that meant so much to you.

But in order to do that you need to become aware of how your mind tries to distract you from those experiences by creating the experiences of emotions, the imitation feelings that are completely generated by your mind and have little, if anything, to do with experience of being alive.

It’s important, as you go through this process of waking up and of reclaiming your creatorship, to become aware of your emotions. You can do that by stepping back a little bit, by simply observing them, by choosing to become aware of the experiences that triggered them, and then observing what your mind does with those experiences and the thought processes that go through your mind and lead into the emotions that come after those experiences.

Now emotions can be useful, because they tend to exaggerate the experiences of life. If someone you love touches you gently on your cheek, or in some other loving and tender way, your mind creates a different emotion. Your mind says, “Oh, this person loves me, and I like that!” And your mind floods your body with endorphins, with chemicals of pleasure, and it enhances that experience and adds to it. And that can be a wonderful thing.

It can be useful dear friends, to pay attention to your emotions and to notice how they feel.

Your emotions are a direct window into what you are creating. They are a direct window into the belief systems, the habits of thought and of perceiving, from which you unconsciously create your reality. For if you are experiencing what you would call a negative emotion, then you can be sure that you are unconsciously creating something that you don’t want. And if you are feeling what you would call a positive emotion, then you are creating something wonderful in your life.

But dear friends, the real power of your creatorship is in choosing consciously, in consciously creating, so we ask you to step back a little from your emotions.

Now this can be a challenging thing, because emotions are very addictive. And yes, that’s especially true of the negative emotions.

A negative emotion, any emotion, but in particular the negative emotions, are generated and maintained by the chemicals and drugs that your mind and your brain generate and flood your body with.

It is like any drug, dear friends. It’s like any mind altering drug, or experience altering drug. It becomes addictive because it adds drama to your experience. It adds depth to your experience. It amplifies and exaggerates the experience you are having, and then when it goes away your experience doesn’t seem so real anymore. It feels boring and plain, and the next thing you know you create an experience that triggers another release of those chemicals into your body. Then the cycle repeats, and it builds upon itself and feeds upon itself, and you become a more and more angry and bitter person.

The solution, dear friends, is to come back to you.

Being alive as a conscious creator is not boring, but it’s also not dramatic. So it takes a choice to step back from those emotions, to feel back into who you really are, and to observe your life, to observe what your mind is doing.

It doesn’t work to fight your emotions. It doesn’t work to fight anything. But when you bring them into your awareness, when you bring the original feeling, the original experience that triggered the emotion, into your awareness and watch where your mind goes with it, then you’ll begin to discover the real you.

It’ll take time and practice, for it’s such a habit to have an experience ,and to not even notice it until you are so caught up in the emotion that your mind generated in response that you’ve forgotten all about what really happened. But it’s a choice, dear friends, like everything else. And the more you choose to step back from the emotional cycle, to go back in your memory and remember the actual experience that happened; and the more you ask your mind to consider other possibilities, or even to just be still and let you have the experience; then the more quickly the emotion will fade away, and the more in touch you are going to be with your own self and with the guidance that comes from your soul and from the angels that are around you supporting you.

Oh, many of you have been so overwhelmed by your emotions, in this lifetime and for many others, that when someone asks you what you are feeling you can’t even tell them. You’ve done everything you can to disconnect yourself from those feelings. But dear friends, they’re still there. They’re just buried inside of you, and they’re running your life whether you know it or not. Those emotions, those mental reactions, you’ve buried them so deeply that you’re not even aware of them, but they are there and they are running your life.

That’s why sometimes it’s important to get in touch with those emotions and to let them out, and there are many facilitators in the world who can help you do that. But the important thing here, dear friends, is not to get stuck there. Once you have expressed your emotions it’s time to move beyond them, and to not get stuck in processing, for that can be addictive also.

Once you have identified an emotion that is running within you and brought it to the surface and allowed yourself to express it, then it’s time to step back, to look behind it and beneath it. What was the experience that triggered that emotion?

Now there may be many levels, many layers. And you don’t need to spend a lot of time digging, dear friends, for that emotion is dynamic, and it’s creating in your life. It’s creating experiences over and over and over again to re-trigger itself, so you don’t have to look very far.

Just become aware of the most recent experience that triggered that emotion. Become aware of what your mind did with it, and watch it in the future. Watch what your mind does with similar experiences. Just watch, dear friends, there is nothing else you need to do. Just bring it into your awareness, and your awareness will take care of it from there.

Perhaps other experiences from your past will come to mind, and along with them new waves of emotions. It’s important to let yourself feel those. It’s also important to not let them feed on themselves, to not allow your mind to build them up.

You might remember your parents or someone close to you abusing you as a child, and if you let it that memory can trigger a whole new round of emotional response that can devastate you, that can feed upon itself and make you a victim for the rest of your life. But you’re not a victim dear friend, and you never were, so go back to that experience and look upon it from your soul’s perspective.

Your soul does not judge things as right or wrong or good or bad. Your soul simply has the experience, and then moves on.

So when you have one of those memories, step back a little and watch what happens inside of you in relation to it, and then come back to yourself. Come back to that memory. Come back to that part of you that experienced whatever it was, and bring that part of you home. Take that little child by the hand and invite it to come home. Invite it to release that experience, not to deny it, but just to let it go and to come home to you. Take it in your arms, and bring it into your heart.

And then watch what happens in your life, dear friends. It’ll take some time. It’ll take commitment, and a conscious choice to break the cycle of addiction to your emotions. It’ll take a conscious choice, over and over and over again, to step back, to become aware of your thoughts and of how your mind is reacting to the experiences of life, and to choose a different reaction, to choose to think about it different.

If someone slaps you, it might mean that they were trying to hurt you. But dear friends, you don’t need to protect yourself anymore. You are God. You are a creator, and you are safe, if you choose it. So step back.

The tendency is to believe that if someone slaps you or yells at you, or attacks you in some way, that it means something about you. You take it in, you believe them, and then you react defensively because you don’t want it to be true.

Well dear friends, it’s not true. When someone attacks you they are only telling you about themselves. When they tell you how bad you are, all they’re really telling you is how they feel about themselves. They feel small and afraid, and the only way they know how to feel better is to drive you down, to make you seem smaller than them.

You don’t have to buy into that, dear friends. If you react, if you allow your mind to go into self-protection mode and to flood your body with all those chemicals, then you play right into that other person’s game. You make yourself smaller and reduce yourself down to their level, and you make what they said about you real.

That’s why a very wise man once said to turn the other cheek. Oh, he didn’t mean to be submissive, to let the other person run all over you and beat you up. What he meant was to stand proud and tall in your knowing of your own divine nature, in your knowing of the grandness of you, and in your knowing that the other person is only telling you about themselves.

They are only asking for love, dear friends. In attacking you they are begging for something different. They are begging for a way to feel better about themselves, and if you can step back from your own reaction and simply be with the experience, and simply allow their attack to go right through you, then you’ll find something magical happening.

You’ll find that their attack can’t stick to you. You’ll find that it has no meaning for you. You’ll find that they can scream and holler and dance around and tell you how terrible you are all day long, and you’ll simply feel compassion. You’ll begin to perceive what’s going on inside of them.

You’ll find, as you step back from your emotions, as you make a choice to consciously choose to have the experience, instead of the reaction to the experience, that your intuition will come back. You’ll find yourself perceiving things that you never knew were there before. You’ll find yourself understanding things that you never understood before. You’ll find that you can see through people. You’ll find yourself understanding what’s going on inside of them, and then you’ll know how to respond in a way that lifts them up and gives them an opportunity to short-circuit their own emotional pattern.

It’ll change your life, dear friends. It’ll break you out of your own pattern of addictive emotional response, and it’ll bring in a level of joy that you have never known before, and of peace in your life. And it will change the relationships that you have with all of life, and in particular with the people around.

So dear friends, what are you feeling right now?

Take out your notebook, if you are willing, and write about what you feel right now. Start with the sensations in your body. How does your buttocks feel upon the chair you are sitting on, if you are sitting? What aches and pains are you experiencing right now? Just note them. You don’t have to think about them, you don’t have to define them or write big long explanations of them. Just make note of them. Bring them into your awareness.

Take a few moments to just feel your body.

Now look at your emotions. What emotions are going on inside of you right now?

Make a note of those too, and follow them back a little to the experience that triggered them. Whatever they are, anger, pleasure, grief, whatever they are. Just make a note of them, don’t go into great depth, and then follow them back to the experience that triggered them.

What was that experience? What did that experience feel like in your body before your mind reacted to it?

Make a note of that. Again, don’t analyze it. Just make a note of it.

Now observe, from a neutral place, from a place of acceptance and of absolute love for yourself, observe what your mind did with that experience.

What were the thoughts that went through your mind after you had the experience?

Just write them down. Don’t judge them, don’t analyze them. Just write them down. You don’t even have to write down that many of them, and you’ll see the pattern.

And now dear friend, go back once more to that experience. And this is where your power as a creator comes into play, for you can heal that experience right now if you are willing.

Just go back to it. Perhaps someone yelled at you, told you something negative. Perhaps they told you that you were wrong somehow. Just go back to that experience, and hear those words once again.

And now, choose some different thoughts about them.

Step back a little from the experience. Look into that person’s eyes in your mind, or feel into their energy. Don’t try, don’t worry if you don’t know how, for you do.

What were they telling you about themselves? And what is the real truth about you?

When you let go of the automatic reaction, you’re going to find that several things happen. You’re going to see that person different. When you ask yourself the question, What are they telling me about them? The answer will come, dear friends, and then you’ll learn something new about that person. And you’ll be able to feel more compassion for them.

Then when when you ask yourself the question, What is the truth about me? That answer will come too, and you might find that there is a grain of truth in what they said. And if so just bring that part of you into your awareness and love it. Hold it. Don’t try to deny it.

That’s what your mind was doing, dear friends, in your reactions. It was trying to deny that there could be anything wrong with you. And there isn’t, dear friends, but there are things about you that would be very valuable for you to bring into your awareness. And when someone else yells it you or runs you down, there is a very good chance that they are giving you an opportunity to bring one of those things into your awareness. So let it come in, and let it be part of you. Don’t try to fix it. Just hold it. Become aware of it. And when you do that, it will transform and you will find a new level of your grandness.

Dear friends, it’ll take some practice before you’ll be able to do this on the fly, as you might say, in the moment that something happens. But when you make the choice it’ll start to happen more and more, and you don’t have to wait for the next time it happens. You can pick any emotion you’re feeling right now and go back to the triggering experience, and reframe it. You can bring it into your awareness and consciously and lovingly reframe it in your mind, and find a different way to think about it.

Oh, your mind will rebel at first, for your mind wants so much to be right. Your mind truly believes that that other person has power over you, and it wants to prove that they don’t. So it wants to be right, and it wants to convince them that it’s right.

But that just perpetuates the problem, dear friends, and it continues your unconscious creation of what other people want instead of what you want. So it’s time to talk to your mind, and to make a conscious choice to step back and to think differently about what happened.

When you do your life will change, and you will be so much happier than you have ever been before.

We are complete.


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    Es muy valioso el aporte, me pregunto, es un nuevo modo de entender la libertad? o de negarla? Gracias

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    Thank you so much, I am very grateful to have found this page after googling “How do I get in touch with my feelings?” I feel like this is the missing piece to my understanding of the Kogi/Toltec practice of recapitulation for energetically putting yourself back together again. The movie is to be reframed based on the messages that are really there and not emotional addiction/reactivity that distorted the reflection. Thank you so much, this helps me on many levels and thus helps all of the Creation.

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